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I am married to Basilio Ruiz and thank God daily for bringing this wonderful man back into my life. I am a Christian mom of 4 (the youngest 3 are still at home with me) Ashleigh is 22, Amanda is 17, Joshua & Jeremy are 13. I am an independent CTMH consultant and love sharing the art of scrapbooking, cardmaking, and papercrafting with others.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I am guilty

of neglecting my blog again. I have lots of news..... some good and some not so good... since my last post. The bad news is I am guilty of neglecting more than my blog... or feeling like I am anyway. The newest medications I am on are really kicking my butt. I am often dizzy, sick to my stomach, forgetful and just plain not functioning very well AND still in pain. The good news is Bass and the kids love me and have been great about pitching in, helping out, and forgiving me for what I think are my general failures. This is one of those things where you end up feeling like the cure is worse than the illness but I know lots of people are lifting me in prayer and, with the love of those around me, I will get through this time.

More good news during this time is the way God continues to work in our lives. Bass is loving his new job and doing great at it already. God continues to provide for our needs and even some of our "wants" in ways that leave me feeling humble and thankful at the same time. I post to Facebook that Ashleigh is in need of furniture for her new apartment and within the hour I have a friend calling me to offer just what she needs. I step out in faith and register the boys for church camp in hopes that we can come up with the money before the deadline and not sure exactly how I am going to do that with no child support coming in and I have not one but 2 offers to help get them there. Church camp is HUGE in the summer of my children and I am so thankful that they love and will have this chance to reconnect with God and other Christian friends.

Some things I know I need to learn to let go of ....... things like hoping for their dad to actually provide the monetary support they should be able to count on from him, thinking I need to always be perfect and get everything done to be a good mom, feeling guilty for taking the time to rest and heal....... but, even though some things are a struggle, my overall mood remains one of thankfulness and faith. When God is for me who can be against me <3>

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