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I am married to Basilio Ruiz and thank God daily for bringing this wonderful man back into my life. I am a Christian mom of 4 (the youngest 3 are still at home with me) Ashleigh is 22, Amanda is 17, Joshua & Jeremy are 13. I am an independent CTMH consultant and love sharing the art of scrapbooking, cardmaking, and papercrafting with others.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


totally in love, totally safe, totally sure this is the mate God intended for me. As Bass and I go through our pre-marital counseling I become more sure of these things than ever. I love how he has opened himself up not only to me but also to Pastor Marc. I love how we are able to share everything in and out of these sessions and how we so easily come to compromises in the areas where we do have small differences. I love how he has finally come to understand what a wonderful man he is and that he is worth taking care of. It makes me sad how long he didn't believe that was so. I love how he has been able to reach out to his mom and mend fences with her that were broken long ago. I love that she asked his forgiveness and he was able to grant it.... finally realizing this is a gift as much for himself as for her. I love to listen to them visit on the phone and wish we could find a way to bring her here for the wedding.

Our first session with Pastor Marc was a bit of a surprise to him but not to us really. He started by giving us each 2 personality profiles to complete with the instructions to complete them on our own and not to share our answers. I believe the next session was supposed to be used to discuss how to use the areas where we differed to use one person's strengths where the other was weak and vice versa. When we went for our next session he asked if we were pulling a joke on him and had we done them together. We assured him that we had not and then he shared that our profiles BOTH came out almost exactly alike! He said in all his years of counseling he had never seen such a thing and that he had even called many of his colleagues who also said they had never seen a couple come out so alike. Bass and I were not so surprised...... actually not surprised at all. God made us for each other after all :-)

The next counseling session, today's session,  took place after filling out another pretty in depth survey. There were some differences on this one but it was also evident that the differences were created out of our love and concern for each other. Also areas that Pastor Mac thought we needed to discuss we found we had already done so and easily come to a compromise that was ok with both of us. I love how I can do that with him.... how I don't feel a need to always be on guard to protect myself and my children. I love how safe he makes me feel....... how he can make me feel the warmth of his love for me with just a look or a slight touch of his hand. I will thank God each and every day of my life for this gift and yet still don't think I can ever thank Him enough

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