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I am married to Basilio Ruiz and thank God daily for bringing this wonderful man back into my life. I am a Christian mom of 4 (the youngest 3 are still at home with me) Ashleigh is 22, Amanda is 17, Joshua & Jeremy are 13. I am an independent CTMH consultant and love sharing the art of scrapbooking, cardmaking, and papercrafting with others.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

scrapbooking: not just for kids pages

I just ordered another custom cut from the laser lady. She has done several custom cuts for me. The most recent one she is working on right now. I asked her to design a circular chipboard album but the front cover is a broken heart that is cut so that part of the first page shows through the "break" in the heart, I think I am ready to start my "something happened on the way to forever" album. The front cover will be a wedding picture of Rex and I cut so one of us fits on either side with the the title on there somewhere and inside the break you will be able to see the reason we are no longer together. The rest of the pages will tell our story with the last pages being about my coming to grips with the idea that the man I thought would be my life partner forever became a stranger to me and how I healed. I have been working on this in my head and sketching out pages for a while. I know it will be difficult to do but I believe this is the last step in my healing process and i am ready to move on and begin living my life again.


GrammaMary said...

Sounds like a good healing process.

Sanela Kubiak said...

Good luck on your jurney to better life. Sounds like you've got far already.

Suzie said...

Healing is a wonderful thing, as I've always said, God isn't finished with you yet, he has great things for you before he's done.