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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How much time do you actually spend thinking about your insurance?

Me......not so much until recently. When I was 20 and got my first car I signed up with Allstate in NY because I lived in a small town and the agent was someone I knew. When we moved to Oregon I stayed with Allstate as a creature of habit. I stopped by the local office to introduce myself to John Spencer and immediately liked him. Over the years I always felt he did a good job by me and never felt the urge to go in search of someone to give me a lower rate. Well, John recently retired and I have to say I was not so happy with his replacement. I was talked into a new policy to "save me money" and then watched my premiums climb by 5 dollars a month and then by 10 dollars a month. Calls went unreturned or were returned by the receptionist and I was basically told my premiums would continue to go up inspite of the fact that I had not changed vehicles or made any claims so I should just get used to it.

So I felt like I was being ripped off and I got mad. I googled for car insurance carriers in my town and turned up someone I know....... Austin Harvey who works with Country Financial and provides investment counseling as well as all types of insurance (although for some reason I thought he only sold life insurance) We spent some time talking about what I had and what I wanted and he sold me a better car insurance policy than what I had, added renter's insurance, AND came up with a rate that was 30 plus dollars lower than just car insurance from the company I had been with for over 20 years all the while making me feel like a very valuable customer when I know he has customers who bring in much more money than I ever will. I walked out of his office today with my new and improved coverage at a lower rate and I am happy again.

So thanks Austin :-) And if you are in the market for better coverage for lower rates you might want to give this guy a call. Here is a link to his website and contact info


Larisa said...

We've been with Country for about 10 years and really am happy with our service and rates. I just bought Paul a new truck (or will tomorrow) so I'll be giving Wayne a call to add it on. Don't you love helpful agents! Way to rock the money train and get a better rate.

PeggyS said...

hey girlfriend...............long time no hear :-)

Also glad to hear you are a satisfied Country customer.