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I am married to Basilio Ruiz and thank God daily for bringing this wonderful man back into my life. I am a Christian mom of 4 (the youngest 3 are still at home with me) Ashleigh is 22, Amanda is 17, Joshua & Jeremy are 13. I am an independent CTMH consultant and love sharing the art of scrapbooking, cardmaking, and papercrafting with others.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

How do you know?

As a lot of you know my oldest twin, Joshua, has been having some difficulties at school and with anger management and impulse control (but only in the school setting and actually only at recess times). We have tried counseling in the past but he flat out refuses to talk to anyone who he does not know and trust. On Thursday we began weekly meetings with our pastor. The first meeting started off rocky with Joshua burying his face in my side and refusing to even look at Marc, let alone speak to him. By the end of the session he was talking pretty freely. He made one statement that almost stopped my heart in mid beat. It helped me to believe that I am doing something right and my children do understand about unconditional love. Here is what he said

Josh said in our counseling session that one of the biggest comforts to him right now is that he knows without a doubt that even when I am not thrilled with his choices I will always love him. When the pastor asked him how he knew this he said "when I am in trouble the very first thing my mom says to me is Joshua I love you no matter what, then she talks about the bad choice and what would have been a better one"


Jolene in Mi said...

What your son said warmed my heart. I hope you don't mind...I'm going to start my conversations with my kids this way. Thanks for the great story.
Jolene in MI
CTMH Sister

PeggyS said...

thanks Jolene. It warmed my heart too and I am sooo glad that he knows I always love him even if not his choices. Isn't it funny how a small thing like what words we choose to say and in what order can make such a huge difference to our children?

twinsand2boys said...

Thats so nice when you get that kind of feedback from your children. What a great story. Hope all goes well for him.